Your MOST Valuable Asset IS your INCOME

Just Say, "Defend My Income"

Just Say, "Defend My Income"

Just Say, "Defend My Income" Just Say, "Defend My Income" Just Say, "Defend My Income"

Just starting out?

You have a few more working  years?

How would a loss of income affect your lifestyle now or into the future?

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Life is your Masterpiece, You are the Artist, and We're your EASEL!

EASEL helps people along life's journey whether they're COMING or GOING.

After all, when will your need for INCOME end?  NEVER?

Let's explore together ways for you to help Defend Your INCOME from loss.

Picture Your Life,

Dentist is able to do the work trained to do and earn an income

Picture your LIFE, IF Your INCOME suddenly & permanently STOPPED


  1. How much of my income do I have protected if I suddenly became hurt or sick & couldn't go to work?
  2. How would my life change if I had to live on this income?
  3. How much does this concern me?

ACT NOW when you don't have the NEED so help will be available when you do have the NEED.  Afterall when the NEED arrives, the time for preparation is past.  

You may likely find that adequate income protection is surprisingly affordable especially when considering the potential loss.  It is far too easy to think, "I have disability insurance from my job and social security".  Employer provided disability insurance or Group LTD is a great benefit but it may be inadequate when the time of need comes . Group LTD often only covers your base salary and the benefits are treated as taxable income. .   For this reason alone, you owe it to yourself to obtain a benefits analysis of your current plan.

Advanced planning and preparation helps provide comfort and peace of mind.  The peace of mind alone may help you focus on life's most important work.  Insurance solutions offered by Easel Financial are designed to help you achieve the peace of mind so you are free to focus on life's most important work.

"Don't save a little and risk a lot, 

Don't risk more than you can afford to lose." 


Picture Your Life, IF a Primary WAGE Earner prematurely died

Do you have a plan?

The emotions felt when a loved one passes, especially when it happens pre-maturely, are unavoidable.  

However, avoiding financial devastation with proper planning is possible. 


  1. Do others depend on my income? or Do I depend on another's income? That is, are the dreams, aspirations and even essential lifestyles of others dependent on another's income?
  2. How important is it for my loved ones to fulfill their hopes and dreams or just live a reasonable lifestyle even if I'm not alive to be there?

Basic income protection may be achieved with low cost term insurance purchased on the Internet. 

However, a life insurance professional conducting a  complete, personal consultation  will counsel with you, guide you, and assist you through the entire process.  The main goal is for you to achieve your financial goals using your money in more effective and efficient ways.

First,  Easel licensed professionals will

  • listen to your concerns, 
  • ask a lot of questions to learn about your goals, 
  • research the market then 
  • make recommendations designed to help you to meet your needs and goals.  

We work with many top rated insurance companies as we coordinate your customized plan.  We'll recommend various carriers and their products when they suit your needs and your goals.  


Picture Your Life, IF Your RETIREMENT SAVINGS Account Value suddenly DROPPED in HALF Today


  1. Is your retirement savings protected from sudden stock market correction like we experienced in 2008?
  2. How would a sudden 50% decrease in the stock market effect your retirement plans?
  3. Does this concern you?
  4. If you learned of a strategy that was designed to be allow you to receive gains indexed to the stock market without risking loss of your principle, would you be interested?  

Let us help you

We believe Retirement Should be Enjoyed, not Feared

Our Team


Our Client Service Representatives

Our Client Service Representatives

Our Client Service Representatives

Our representatives seek first to understand your financial needs and wants.  We believe life should be lived and when income streams are planned and protected, better outcomes will be obtained. 

DEFEND INCOME. Start by with Protecting your income stream with disability insurance (DI).  This is essential and fundamental to a complete financial plan.  Start with adequate DI coverage and re-evaluate at least every 5 years or when a significant life event occurs.

BUY INCOME. Protect your income stream beyond your working years with products that provide guarantees such as fixed insurance options.  End with adequate income guarantees for your retirement savings.

The good news is that people are living longer.  The bad news is that people are living longer than their money.

What is your game plan?

Is your game plan protected from market corrections or will your financial advisor have "some bad news" for you?


Insurance Carriers

Our Client Service Representatives

Our Client Service Representatives

Easel Cooperative is a small company with BIG company connections.  We have access to so many carriers it is difficult to list all of them.  However to name a few,

  • Allianz
  • American General
  • Assurity
  • Athene
  • Forethought
  • Foresters
  • Great American Insurance Group
  • Illinois Mutual
  • John Hancock
  • Lloyds of London
  • MassMutual
  • Metlife
  • Minnesota Life
  • Nationwide
  • North American
  • Ohio National
  • The Standard
  • The Principal
  • VOYA
  •  and many more

We work with many companies so we are able to customize your plan design because we understand that ONE size does NOT fit ALL.


Retirement Savings

Our Client Service Representatives

Retirement Savings


Russell Cook of Easel Cooperative believes your retirement savings should be handle with prudence and care.  We seek growth without risking the principle to stock market losses.  If you are like us then you'll agree with Will Rogers when he said, "I am more concerned with the return of my money than the return on my money."  
It is for this reason that we have chosen to work with top-rated insurance carriers which offer competitive products with sufficient guarantees.   Contact Easel Financial.  Your mind will be at ease knowing the details are cared for now and in your future.

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